Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Break Up, What Went Wrong Between the Couple?

Emily and Jef
Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have finally admitted their break up. What went wrong between them? People may never really know, but you can bet the negative reports that surrounded them had just about everything to do with it.

Their official announcement was well done via PEOPLE on Tuesday.

Emily began with the typical she’s sorry about the split and wishes things could have been different. She pointed out that she and Jef are at different places in their lives and have decided to move on.

Check out some of the articles on Examiner that were written. Jef Holm has tweeted some interesting messages on Sat., Oct. 20 and Sun., Oct. 21..

Read: Jef Holm Can’t Get a Break Since Split with Emily Maynard

And an interesting one about cat obsession: Emily and Jef: Comic Joke May Mean Something in Break Up

Is Jef bitter with Emily about a number of things that resulted in their broken engagement? As the second Examiner article pointed out, it’s possible Emily’s love for her cat and cats in general was annoying to him.

Hard to know what the deal really was, but the public will get the facts for sure.

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