Ashley Hebert Actually Engaged, ‘The Bachelorette’ of 2011 is Very Happy, Report Says

According to the latest report in Life & Style magazine, Ashley Hebert is actually engaged. Sources have told the tabloid that “The Bachelorette” of 2011 is very happy and has been spotted wearing her $150,000 3-carat diamond stunner. Reality Steve blogs that JP is the winner for “The Bachelorette” finale and will be the man Ashley falls for in the end.

In “The Bachelorette” special, there was an insert regarding Bentley and how his ex-wife feels about the way he treated Ashley on the show. The guy may be a wonderful father, but the appeal he had on the reality show is less than impressive. Then you have Emily Maynard come out the Bachelor TV blog and admit the biggest jerk on reality television was her favorite right off the bat. Great. I have my suspicions on that whole thing, too.

What is all the hype about Bentley and how difficult it is for Ashley to get over him? I just don’t understand what charm that man had in her eyes to begin with. He doesn’t hold a candle to JP or any of the other men on the show. The other guys – minus William – really go out of their way to make Ashley feel good and say such nice things to her. I mean, really. I can’t wait until the “Men Tell All” episode to see what really goes down between them in front of a live audience.

The winner of Ashley’s heart is said to be extremely happy himself. Life & Style is questionable sometimes in how reliable they can be, but it’s probable that Ashley is engaged for sure. It’s funny that Neil Lane designed a more expensive and flashy ring for Ashley than for Emily when she won Brad’s heart on “The Bachelor.” I figured Ashley was engaged when they filmed the finale in Fiji on May 13 because producer, Mike Fleiss tweeted that he and Neil Lane were flying back to LA once they wrapped the show. I could tell how happy Mike Fleiss was and it was pretty obvious to me Ashley found her man.

It has to be a better story than Brad and Emily’s. No knows except them what’s really going on. Not a bed of roses. That’s for sure.

Week 5 of “The Bachelorette” airs tonight at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

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5 Responses to Ashley Hebert Actually Engaged, ‘The Bachelorette’ of 2011 is Very Happy, Report Says

  1. Michelle says:

    I have finally figured it out. This is a show for women with low self esteem. This latest one is an idiot. She believes the stories they tell her. This is so sad and I have to say I’m so very happy that all of the young ladies I know would never stoop to this. Showing how gullible one can be. Have to say I don’t really watch the show anymore (I scan it during commercials, that’s all I can stomach anymore)’ used to be a good show now it’s a waste.

  2. Jane Parsons says:

    So if the engagement goes south…who gets that expensive ring?….just wondering..jj in Chico

  3. kyra Tyson says:

    I hope JP is the winner.yall make a great couple.

  4. Derek Spencer says:

    I would like to see someone punch Bentley out, he deserves it. If the guys had any real feeling for Ashley, they would defend her honour at the men tell show.

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