‘The Bachelor’ 2013 Spoilers: What’s New and Status of Contestants for Sean Lowe’s Season

“The Bachelor” 2013 spoilers are being tweeted several times a day by Reality Steve with the new season of Sean Lowe getting under way. While Sean hasn’t been officially introduced as the next “Bachelor,” he’s obviously the pick ABC made.

On Wednesday Steve posted a message on Twitter that camera crews were already set up around Sean’s apartment in Dallas for his intro videos.

“SPOILER: I can confirm that producers are currently at Sean’s parents house shooting his intro video. Safe to say Sean is the next Bachelor,” Steve tweeted.

He wrote again moments later, “If they’re trying to hide it, they’re doing an awful job. Shooting in the front yard, Sean in swim trunks playing w his niece and nephew”

Then Thursday more information came out about when Sean is flying to Los Angeles to the famous “Bachelor” mansion where he meets all 25 of his vying contestants.

“Sean leaves for LA Monday, girls start arriving next Friday, and first night of filming expected to be Monday, Sept. 24th,” Steve wrote.

(For more information on contestants for “The Bachelor” 2013, click here)

As for who the lead would be for next season, it was a vote between Sean Lowe, Roberto Martinez, and Arie Luynedyk, Jr.. A few weeks ago it was reported that Arie turned down any offer to be on the show because he wanted to focus on racing cars instead. Is that really true or is it a fabricated media spin? Who knows.

Next year’s “Bachelor” season has to be better than Ben Flajnik’s was. If anyone reads my blog they know I wasn’t especially thrilled to watch Ben’s season. I think he’s a nice enough guy, but he wasn’t fun to watch on television. I liked him a lot better on Ashley’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Maybe he seemed more clean-cut. I don’t know. In any case, I think Sean Lowe will make a great “Bachelor” for 2013. A lot of women will be happy to see him have his chance at finding love next year. He definitely has a great sense of humor. Who can forget the hometown date in which he freaked Emily out by making her think he still lived with his parents and was a complete slob? That was hilarious — a real classic.

Are you excited to watch Sean Lowe find true love on “The Bachelor” when the show begins in January?



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