Next ‘Bachelor’ 2014: Drew Kenney Rumored as Best Choice, Jef Holm Not So Much

Drew Kenney

Drew Kenney

Drew Kenney is rumored to be the best option as “The Bachelor” 2014 so far, it seems. This contestant of Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette,” is getting a lot of press over suspicions — on the part of some fans — that he could be gay. Reality Steve has assured his readers that Drew is NOT gay and producers would NOT cast a gay man to begin with on the show.

With all that said, Drew Kenney would be an awesome choice as the next “Bachelor” in 2014.

There are also rumblings that Jef Holm could be the next “Bachelor,” but that idea has been shot down by Reality Steve, who has a pretty good grasp on what producers of the show are looking for. He claims it’s a for sure thing that Jef will NOT be chosen as the next “Bachelor.” He didn’t give specifics, but he did say producers had plenty of reasons for not considering him. Then the reality show blogger used Jef as an example as to how fame changes someone whenever they enter the “Bachelor/ette” franchise.

So, who knows what’s going to really happen. At this time of year each season on “The Bachelorette,” everyone starts to wonder who’ll be the next “Bachelor” even though it’s several months until the show actually begins.

Jef Holm

Jef Holm

Hard to imagine anyone wanting Jef Holm over Drew Kenney as “The Bachelor” 2014. I mean, at this point Jef is kind of old news, isn’t he? Then again, Emily Maynard was “The Bachelorette” way after her season of “The Bachelor” with Brad Womack aired. Emily was a rare exception, though. She had a huge fan base and had a rich backstory that touched viewers given the fact her fiance died in a plane crash when she was pregnant with his baby. The fact her fiance was the son of a notable NASCAR family may have helped with her mass audience appeal as addition to being probably the most attractive lead the franchise has had. Ashley Hebert’s season in 2011 was overshadowed by Emily not being “The Bachelorette.” If you ask me, that was a painful season to watch.

Who will be “The Bachelor” 2014? Would you like to see Drew Kenney or Jef Holm as next year’s choice?


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7 Responses to Next ‘Bachelor’ 2014: Drew Kenney Rumored as Best Choice, Jef Holm Not So Much

  1. Sharon says:

    Chris Siegfried should be the next bachelor if he isn’t picked. He seems to be the whole package. Good husband material.

    • Mary says:

      Chris is a great guy but a bit boring (kind of goody goody like Drew). I think Zak would be great fun and comical. He and his family seem so happy, cheerful and positive. I find myself smiling whenever Zak was on the screen.

  2. Joan says:

    Jef Holm, he has gotten a bad rap from the likes of Reality Steve. Jef would be the best choice as he has a huge fan base, is fun. interesting, and has sex appeal.

  3. I think that Drew should be the next BACHELOR !!!! For sure… I am so sad that Des didn’t choose him.. Her and Brooks will not last.

    Is there going to b a bachlor pad this year ?

  4. Sung says:

    Yes, I voice for ‘MICHAEL GAROFOLA’ as the Next Bachelor ! ! ! !
    He is Handsome, Smart, Charming & TRUSTFUL . . .
    And we would love to see him more & to see him find his true love . .


  5. Dena says:

    Drew definitely should be the next bachelor. He is the complete package…..I just have to add I personally do not know what Des sees in Brooks…….It’s a good thing Sean didn’t pick Des…..Sean and Brooks are like night and day!

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