‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Spoilers: Status of Cast Lineup for Juan Pablo’s Season

Image credit: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

“The Bachelor” 2014 cast list is in the process of being worked on at ABC. Just days after Desiree Hartsock made her shocking choice of Chris Siegfried as her fiance, gears have switched to Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of “The Bachelor” next January.

According to the latest blog post by Reality Steve, final casting was completed last weekend in LA. Potential contestants will get word on whether or not they were accepted in the next few weeks.

Filming for “The Bachelor” 2014 will begin in September and Reality Steve said he’ll start spoilers on who the cast lineup consists of.

Although the reality blogger was totally wrong on who Desiree chose for “The Bachelorette,” or the fact that Juan Pablo would never be considered for the next “Bachelor” lead, he’s typically right-on about 98 percent of the show. As upset as fans got with him over being wrong in his “Bachelorette” spoilers in season 9, it’s hard to argue the fact Reality Steve is the number one source for spoilers of this show.

As fans know, “The Bachelor” always starts the first Monday in January after New Year’s. That will be the case again next season. Reality Steve confirmed that Juan Pablo’s season premieres on Mon., Jan. 6.

What type of women will Juan Pablo get to choose from in his season of the show? He’s the first Latino ever cast by ABC in a lead to find love. Not only that, he wasn’t one of the remaining three finalists, which the producers usually pick from. Apparently Juan Pablo had such a large fan base, they couldn’t ignore that fact and knew he was the best choice.

Are you excited to see Juan Pablo and his cast on “The Bachelor” 2014 next year?

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