‘The Bachelor’ 2014 Spoilers: Ending Leaked, Who Juan Pablo Picks in ‘Bachelor’ Finale

The Bachelor 2014 SpoilersWho Juan Pablo Galavis picks in “The Bachelor” 2014 finale has been leaked by spoilers put out by Reality Steve.  Judging from how the entire cast behaved during filming, it wasn’t an emotionally-invested season.  In fact, the ending represents that in addition to the four women who eliminated themselves.

Who does Juan Pablo pick on “The Bachelor”? According to the spoilers, Reality Steve writes that 32-year-old Clare Crawley from Sacramento, CA and 26-year-old Nikki Ferrell of Kansas City, MO are the finale two. Andi Dorfman eliminates herself during the final three rose ceremony. At least she didn’t have to go through the embarrassment of not getting a rose in the finale episode.


Nikki Ferrell, Instagram image

Nikki Ferrell, Instagram image

What won’t make viewers happy about this season of the show, is Juan Pablo’s pick in the end won’t be a fan favorite — meaning she’ll be unliked — much like Courtney Robertson in Ben Flajnik’s season and Vienna Girardi in Jake Pavelka’s season. This will have a lot of fans going, “Oh, no not again!”

Clare Crawley, Instagram image

Clare Crawley, Instagram image

Although Juan Pablo picks Nikki, he doesn’t get down on one knee and propose. He picked Nikki, but only to extend their relationship beyond the show and the public eye. It’s unknown if the couple are still together or not after the finale episode.

Reality Steve has been wrong a few times about how “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” finale episode plays out. He was way off in Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette” when he predicted Brooks Forester was her pick, but she got engaged to Chris Siegfried instead.

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It’s doubtful Steve will be wrong two times in a row. Even if he is, his episode-by-episode spoilers and the final 2 are always accurate.

The finale episode was filmed in St. Lucia at the Cap Maison Hotel.

Are you excited to watch this season with Juan Pablo? The ratings this year will be interesting with a Latin bachelor chosen as the lead. It could fly or dive.

“The Bachelor” 2014 finale airs March 17.

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